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The Royal Military College opened its doors to the first eighteen cadets in June 1876. In the ensuing 135 years over 26,000 Canadians have had some form of military college experience and are qualified to become members of The RMC Club of Canada. In 1884, four years after the first class graduated, the first steps were taken to form an alumni association. This effort, initiated by two members of the first class at the College, #7 L.H. Irving and #6 S.J.A. Denison, resulted in the inauguration of the RMC Club in March 1885. Subsequently in 1898, The Club was incorporated under the Statutes of Ontario.

Purpose: The aims of The Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada, as laid out in its constitution are: the bringing together of its members for mutual benefit and support; the encouragement and maintenance of that camaraderie which has always existed at the colleges, and the advancement of the welfare of its members, the cadets and the Canadian Military Colleges generally.

History: The history of The Club has never been formalized, but the initial aim of the promotion of the college’s interests as a whole have remained at the core of its efforts from the very beginning in 1885. Some of the highlights from our history are:

1885: The Club was formed with the first President #7 LH Irving. Since that time 104 ex-cadets have voluntarily provided leadership to the Club for at least one year (11 people served a two year term while #299 Col Lamb was President for six years from 1914-1920).

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