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Quotation of the Week


“I really have to watch that they don’t get too high before the game.  We want them ready to play both physically and mentally but we have to try and keep them focused.  Sometimes you go around the college and all you hear is ‘don’t forget you have to beat West Point,’ It’s getting sometimes bigger than life.” 

Jacques Tremblay, RMC Coach 1992. 
(West Point won a close 3-2 game)


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Shown is a typical winter scene, although not this year (so far) around RMC.  This photo of Hewett House, better known, these days, as the home of the Director of Cadets was December in the 1999 calendar produced by the cadets in a fund raising project. (We thought the photo was too nice not to share.  Hence the trivia.  

Who was E.O. Hewett? 

 a.  1st RMC Commandant;

 b.  1st RMC Director of Cadets;

 c.  MND when the college opened;

 d   1st RMC Principal.

Hewett House

(click on picture for larger view)

Answer right after Extra Innings below.



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S 109 Major Danny McLeod Hospitalized  

(Following is an update on his condition we received at press time, from Sheila McLeod, wife of Danny)

Bill & Rolande:  

Dan has been in hospital in the Coronary Care Unit since last Monday 29 Jan. after suffering a heart attack.  He underwent an angiogram on Friday 3 Feb and immediately they introduced a couple of stents into his main coronary artery and a couple of branch arteries.  He tolerated the procedure well and is coming along very nicely.  Now that he has had that problem looked after, he can have a couple of other problems solved, such as pneumonia, a bit of kidney failure, and a rather serious blood infection.  He will remain in hospital for a bit and at the present time is only allowed immediate family to visit and only two at a time.  He suffered some heart damage but we expect a good recovery.  

We would like to thank everyone for their concern and all the phone calls and kind offers of help.  Dan wishes everyone to know how much he appreciates the outpouring of good wishes.  All who know "The Maj.” will understand that he will do his best to make it to the RMC / West Point game on 11 Feb.  Sheila says, "Give your head a shake Dan". 

Sheila McLeod

Update I (Tuesday,   1200 hrs, 7 Feb)  Dan is doing quite well for what he has been through but the weekend festivities will be out of the question I am afraid.  He was in a little better frame of mind this evening but he has a long way to go.  I really don't expect him to be out of hospital before the weekend.  Thanks for your concern.  I am sleeping at home tonight.  He is still not really up for visitors but perhaps in a few days.


Update II (Tuesday 1800 hrs, 7 Feb) Danny will have his IV removed and will be sent home tomorrow to recover.  In about 3 months time he will have prostate surgery and hopeful will make a good recovery.  It is going to be a bit of a rocky road but he is very lucky to have come this far this quickly, or so the Cardiologist told us today. 

Thanks for all the messages, good wishes and prayers. 


Update III (Wednesday 2200 hrs, 8 Feb)  Danny was released from hospital this afternoon and is relieved and happy to be home in his own bed.  He is feeling somewhat better and in a few days should be able to receive visitors.

Thanks to one and all for all the good wishes. 

Sheila McLeod

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RMC & West Point Coat of Arms

(please click on picture for larger view)

Explanation for Coat of Arms

(please click on picture for larger view)


The Two 1962 Coaches -
McLeod & Riley

(please click on picture for larger view)



Army at RMC 2006 Sat, Feb 11th 7: 30 PM @ Kingston Memorial Centre.

RMC, Kelly Nobes: Fifth year RMC skipper. 

RMC is currently in first place in the OUA East Division.  

He is looking for his second win against Army

Army, Brian Riley:  Second year as West Point Head Coach.  

He is the son, of Jack and younger brother of Rob. 

The Riley family has been coaching at Army for well over 50 years straight.

Click here for ticket information 
Appuyez ici pour les renseignement sur les billets

RMC / West Point Hockey Memories

3057 Rodney Hull (RMC ‘53) 

I played goal for the College in the 1950, 1951 and 1952 Series (no masks in those days)

I have three vivid memories, all relating to the 1951 Series. 

The first memory relates to the game itself.  The team was poised to skate out on the ice and the U.S. Air Force Band struck up their Corps March, “Off We go Into The Wild Blue Yonder”, a thrilling march. 

Being the goalkeeper, I was first at the gate and I charged on to the ice to head for my net.  My first stride was a mighty one and as I took my second stride my foot splayed out and I found myself sliding across the ice in a most ungainly manner, slamming unceremoniously into the boards at centre ice as the other players skated gracefully around me. 

I had accidentally tied a leather strap over the blade of my skate rather than under it. 

West Point won a hard fought game 4-2. 

The second memory was meeting and having a long thrilling conversation with Lt. “Doc Blanchard “All- American” fullback for the West Point Football team who graduated from West Point the year before.  There he was in full dress uniform with his wings glistening.  He was a household sports name in all of North America.

(please click on picture for larger view)

My third memory was my first visit to a night club, it was Jack Dempsey’s in New York City where we all went as we had a few hours before our train left for the College

We all had on our winter regalia including our Astrakan Hats.  Mr Dempsey expressed interest in our hats and came to our table and offered to pose for a photograph with us.  I still have that photo of “Tubes Reiffenstein, myself and Jack Dempsey, sometime World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. 

Rodney Hull, Q.C.

Click here for more RMC/West Point memories going back 50 years.


Modification du programme d’échange West Point

Voici la version française du document qui a paru dans e-Veritas 1 

Remarques du commandant 

J’aimerais d’abord remercier M. Bill Oliver d’avoir retardé d’une journée la publication du bulletin eVeritas pour nous permettre de vous informer des tout derniers changements ayant trait aux échanges qui ont lieu depuis longtemps entre le Collège militaire royal (CMR) du Canada et l’United States Military Academy (USMA) de West Point.  Je dis des « tout derniers » puisque nous venons de conclure cette semaine une série de rencontres, d’échanges électroniques et d’appels téléphoniques entre le personnel des deux établissements par deux journées de réunions qui ont rassemblé au CMR des planificateurs et membres clés de l’état‑major du CMR/de l’USMA.  L’information suivante vient tout juste d’être rédigée par mon adjoint spécial, le Capitaine de frégate Darren Rich, 13789, (RRMC 1983), et je crois que nous venons de donner une nouvelle orientation captivante aux échanges CMR‑USMA dans leur ensemble. 

Appuyez ici pour en savoir plus.

Tournoi de ballon sur glace des Anciens des CMR - Édition 2006
Un franc succès 

Rangée avant: 24551 Steve Madore, 24541 Mathieu Comtois, 12944 André Durand, 12448 Denis Martel, 13363 Mike Brown 

Rangée arrière: 24562 Nick Arsenault (sa sœur à joué dans la catégorie féminine), 12449 Richard Milot, 13607 Jacques Comtois, 24267 Renaud Durand, 24355 Philippe Milot, 24464 Louis Martel, 24552 Kevin Madore et 23573 Jessy Brown

A noter que les Browns et les Martels pouvaient inscrire un autre frère de leur famille immédiate. L'année prochaine ce sera probablement le cas.  Les autres équipes.....soyez prêtes.... 

L'édition 2006 du Tournoi de ballon sur glace des Anciens des CMR s'est avéré un franc succès avec la participation de 30 équipes et près de 360 joueurs.  Conduit sous le leadership de l'Escadron Richelieu et en partenariat avec le Chapitre de Montréal du Club des CMR, l'événement, par son ampleur, s'avère le plus important événement sportif de l'année organisé par une entité des Forces canadiennes.  Malgré le fait que cette édition coïncidait avec le 10ième anniversaire de la fermeture du CMR Saint-Jean, il régnait, sur le site du Campus Saint-Jean, une camaraderie peu ordinaire, rassemblant différentes générations d'élèves-officiers, tous intéressés à échanger et continuer la tradition du Collège militaire du Canada. 

7 teams took part in the female category.  The Prep year team couldn't re-iterate their last years success and lost in the semi finals.  The finalists were "Les Sacoches", one of the first female teams to take part in this tournament, in 1998, and mainly composed of capts and majors from bases in Québec.  The other finalist team, the "Hard Coors", was mainly composed of 2Lt and Lt.  The "Sacoches" won 1-0.  The bursaries, worth $250 and $150 were presented by le Campus du Fort Saint-Jean. 

La catégorie Compétition fût remportée par "Les Jeudis" au compte de 3-0 contre "Les Old Timers d'Ultramar".  "Les Jeudis" remporte pour une troisième année consécutive la bourse de $500 présenté par le CEGEP de Saint-Jean sur Richelieu.  M. Louis Gros a présenté cette dernière à l'équipe championne tandis que la bourse de $300 présenté par CAE était remise à l'équipe finaliste.  Dans cette catégorie il est important de souligner que l'équipe "Les Old Timers d'Ultramar" a

déjà régné sur le tournoi pendant au moins une décennie, dans les années 80 et 90.  Définitivement que la jeunesse et des jambes plus fraîches ont eu raison de ces vieux routiers, toujours au poste et fiers de venir défendre leur réputation.  Très belle leçon pour les plus jeunes et l'élément qui fait de ce tournoi une tradition qui perdure.

In the participation category, we had a first this year in having a team, "La Famille", exclusively composed of family members that are presently at RMC or went to a Military College.  We also had a team composed of Staff from RMC.  With these two teams and a couple of others, we could count, within the participants, 1 Colonel, 4 Lcol , 3 Lcol (ret) and many Majors.

 C'est aussi la catégorie participation, où s'affrontait 16 équipes, qui nous a donné une finale enlevante et des plus excitante.  Les élèves-officiers de l'Escadron Richelieu ont ainsi eu raison de "La Citadelle", équipe formée majoritairement d'officiers du R22R.  Cette victoire s'est décidée en période supplémentaire devant les spectateurs majoritairement composés des autres membres de l'Escadron.  A la fin du match, l'Escadron Richelieu au complet s'est précipité sur la glace afin de fêter et féliciter leurs confrères.  Nul doute que les années à venir s'avèrent intenses pour ce tournoi.  Les bourses de $300 et $200 étaient présentées par Oerlikon Contraves de Saint-Jean sur Richelieu. 

Appuyez ici pour visionner les photos de ballon sur glace.



What's Happening Around the College?

RMC RFC (Rugby) Banquet
Photo & article by 23734 Morgan Burn

l-r:  Coach McDonaugh, Cmdr Rich, Mike Veitch, Matt McLeod, Stu Kelly, Col. Aitken, Coach Jerry

To celebrate the return of RMC rugby and the end of our first season, the team, coaches, and special guests gathered at the Fort Frontenac Mess for the first annual Rugby Banquet.  The night began with cocktails and conversation in the Keg room before our President and Captain, Mike Veitch 23833 and Matty McLeod 23785, regaled us with speeches and introductions, as the nights MCs.           

13789 Cmdr Darren Rich (RRMC ’83), Special Assistant to the Commandant, gave the boys some stirring words, on behalf of the mil wing.  As a former rugger, Cmdr Rich shared his thoughts on the bonds forged through rugby – bonds that last a lifetime.  13706 Col Lawrence Aitken (RMC ’82), CFB (K) base commander, a former RMC rugger, reminded us of the importance of pack and the beauty of the wing forwards.  Not to be outdone, Head Coach, Sean McDonaugh, cell phone and all, had an eloquent speech where he celebrated our successes and sent off the grandaunts, Andrew Swan 23541 and Joel Rubletz 23381, with standing ovations.

The night’s official award winners were:

Most Valuable Rookie (First Year) – Ben Strocel 24376;

Most Valuable Forward – Kent Miller 23505;

Most Valuable Back – Josh Green;

Most Valuable Player – Matty McLeod 23785;

The Coach’s Award – Andrew Swan 23541; 

A toast to this year’s success, the success of the years to come, and best of luck to those not returning,

Click here for 'select' moments from the 1st RMC RFC banquet.





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Catching Up With the News!

Canada's Reality in Kandahar

Canadian soldiers 'prepared to kill'

Canadians armed with WWII pistols

Two huge RMC hockey fans will miss West Point Classic! Who are they?






1.         He is an Ex Cadet and was one of the most popular & skilled hockey Redmen during the 1960s. 

2.         They are good friends and worked on the same staff at CFB
            Bagotville during the 1980s. 

3.          She held senior positions at both CMR & RMC. 

4.          He taught at CMR for a period but spent most of his career as an
             Air Nav. 

5.          Both are big supporters of the RMC hockey teams over many

Click to find out who they are

Who is the player, wrapped in the Canadian flag?

(click on picture for larger view)

Pictured is a happy bunch of RMC hockey players and a few not so cheerful from Army.  Who is the player with the Canadian Flag wrapped around him?  If we have a tie we will have a draw for the winner.  Clue: During his time at RMC he was fondly referred by some as a “Queens Killer” for many great offensive feats he accomplished over four years against the main RMC league hockey rival. 

Prize: RMC / West Point T Shirt. E-mail answer to Bill Oliver, NLT Sunday 12 Feb.

4499 Bob Walsh (RMC ’59) completes his first mystery novel.

(click on pictures for larger view)

For those murder mystery aficionados who are looking for a novel with 
a little difference, you might find this one interesting.  The narration 
style is unique in that the story is told alternately by a father and 
daughter team.  The odd bits of humour show up in places you wouldn't 
expect.  The author also won several disputes with his editor at 
Publish America such as using a variety of handwriting-like fonts, as 
opposed to Italics only, to represent documents written by three 
different people.  One of the license plate clues is accurate, but 

While the setting of "Mason-Dixon Murders" takes place on the famous 
border between Maryland and Pennsylvania, the background starts in 
Montreal.  This 378 page novel may be ordered on-line through, or, or  The ordering  routine is slightly different for each company, but generally speaking  you click on 'Books' and/or 'Mystery' and enter the title in the search  box.  At the end, click on the 'Add to Cart' box.  The prices quoted by  the three American companies range from $19.95 to $24.70 plus $3.50 
shipping and handling.

Feedback on the mystery novel M-D Murders should be passed directly to 4499 Bob Walsh at




We pick-up our news sources from wherever we can. Readers are encouraged to forward any item on an Ex Cadet, former staff member from any of the three military colleges.  College number & photo will make our life a lot easier.

Cintas is a major recruiter of transitioning military personnel seeking enthusiastic, dedicated, committed, leaders who are looking for advancement based upon performance.


Ex Cadets in the News!

1979, Ex Cadet Awarded U.S. Meritorious Service Medal

Recently, 12337 Lt. Col John D Slater (RMC ‘79) was awarded the United States Meritorious Service Medal by Lt Gen Barno, US Army at the Land Forces Western Area Senior Leadership Symposium in Calgary, AB.   

The award was presented in recognition of his four years as the Canadian Forces Liaison Officer to United States Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia and in part for his assistance to Lt Gen Barno's Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Dr. B.W. Simms (RMC ’72)

New MBA Chair

The Principal is pleased to announce that Dr. B.W. Simms has been appointed Chair of the Master of Business Administration Program effective 3 January 2006 until 31 December 2007. 

Le recteur est heureux d'annoncer la nomination de M. B.W. Simms comme président du programme de Maitrise en administration des affaires à partir du 3 janvier 2006 au 31 décembre 2007.

VenGrowth boosts Ottawa investment team with addition of 17522  Andrew Vignuzzi (RMC ’90)


Future bureaucracy could be very costly: 7860 Romeo Dallaire (RMC ’69)

We pick-up our news sources from wherever we can.  Readers are encouraged to forward any item on an Ex Cadet, former staff member from any of the three military colleges.  College number & photo will make our life a lot easier. 


Où sont-ils?  Que font-ils?

Where are they now?  What are they doing?

De temps à autre, e-Veritas mettra en vedette un Ancien, un membre du personnel d'autrefois et ou un ami du Collège.  Ces articles seront reproduits dans le langage reçu et rarement traduits.  Nous invitons nos lecteurs à soumettre des articles a dans la langue de leur choix. From time to time, E-Veritas will focus on an Ex cadet; former staff member; and / or a friend of the college. Articles will be reproduced in the language received and in most cases not translated.  We invite readers to submit articles to in the language of their choice.


  We get e-mails . . .

I am sure that you will get some grief for giving so much “ink” to the Rileys - especially Rob!!! Thanks for printing the letter about Hinesy.  I’m sure that all Redmen both current and past will have a great deal of respect for who Derek was and how he died. 

Thanks again.

Brian Riley
Army Hockey Coach

Well done on your Veritas production, it has rekindled my ties to the College and I have actually paid my dues for the first time ever I think. 

If at all possible, could you change my email address to:  that way it will come direct to my desktop. 

12337 Lt. Col JD Slater (RMC ’79) 

Thanks for the unwarranted PR in the latest issue of e-Veritas.  Who would have thought that I would some day be the answer to a trivia question in the company of a member of the Original 18.  I must be getting old. 

Thanks again for the Hockey Digest.  Have started reading it and have skimmed the late 70's and early 80's section with interest.  A lot of familiar names and stories (Ouimet my ex asst coach with Tom MacKay), Mohns, Istchenko, Molaski & Lanin (who I played with in Europe in 89 when we won the nationals), Laurie, Lamb, Connerty (who worked for me until recently - now off to Flt Test Engineer school in England), Mazzolin (who I ran into at a Sens. game a couple of weeks ago), etc etc.  It is proving to be a real trip down memory lane.   

Well done to you and Rolande for pulling this together.  It was obviously a labour of love.  Thanks again and we'll try to keep in touch. 

13122 W.J. Kelly (RMC ’81)

Thanks for the email.  Yes, it is true I have had some serious health struggles as of recently and thankfully I am on the early road to recovery.  I do believe I would be interested in having something published in the newsletter in the hopes of raising awareness and to highlight the need for blood products and particularly in growing our national database of bone marrow and stem cell donors.   

I am in the very early stages of my stem cell transplant recovery, but according to the doctors I am doing remarkably well.  There is still expected to be some critical days ahead, but all appears to be on track.  So at this early point in my recovery I am focusing my full energy on my recovery (the 1st 100 days is the most important), but as things progress in the future I would like to send you some information and see if their is an interest in putting it in the newsletter.  

Feel free to contact me in the future as a reminder and thanks again for the email. 

In Health, 

20409 Chad Ziegler (RMC ’97)

Cdt Waldron

Reid, Morling, Waldron, Camero

I thought of you over the holidays as I was going through some memorabilia and found photographs taken by my great-grandfather, 511 Harold John Deyell, while he was a cadet in 1901.  With the various letters that you had printed about the spider above the entrance of the Frigate, I had hoped for a shot of that entrance back then, but all I had was a couple of shots of cadets in front of the building, without the door.   

Interesting, all the same. 

15517 Michael T. Hambley (RMC ’86)



Extra Innings
Manches supplémentaires

The big Army / RMC hockey game is this weekend.  We’re not sure what the future holds for the game but we applaud, the Commandant and his staff for taking steps to improve the atmosphere surrounding the hosting of the game, which is printed elsewhere in French in this edition and was presented in e-V 1 two weeks ago in English. 

May the best team win!

La grande joute de hockey Armée/CMR aura lieu cette fin de semaine.  Nous sommes incertains de l’avenir de cette compétition mais nous applaudissons le Commandant et son personnel pour leurs efforts afin d’en améliorer l’ambiance.  Vous trouverez ailleurs dans ce bulletin les « Remarques du Comandant » la version française des modifications du programme d’échange West Point qui a paru en anglais il y a deux semaines dans e-V1.


Trivia Answer: 

a.         1st RMC Commandant.

"Many Hands - make the burden light".   « L’aide de plusieurs rend la tâche facile »

S125 Bill & S134 Rolande Oliver


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